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Love Lies - Adele Parks I really like the style of writing, the story draws you in after the first few pages. When I look at the book as a whole I'm slightly disappointed because I feel like the author suddenly changed her mind in the middle of the book and started to write a 180 degrees turn so Fern and Adam could have a "happy ending". It was fun to read but sometimes I rolled my eyes so hard I thought they would fall out. Who would be so oblivious of what is happening around her? And why would she go back to her old boyfriend, because he is familiar and safe? He won't sleep with your male friend? If this wasn't a chick-lit book I would have expected that Fern moved on and found a third person who would make her happy. But that would take time and she couldn't start making babies and after all she is thirty now so it would be the end of the world description