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Fifty Shades Freed  - E.L. James I'm putting this up here as a review of the whole trilogy. I've finished Fifty shades trilogy yesterday and reading it whole was a waste of time. I think it would be tolerable if it was just one book. I know she would make less money that way, but she would avoid being too repetitive, somewhere in the middle of the second book I felt like I was reading the same book all over again and it wasn't fun. I don't know if she became aware of the repetitiveness in the third book, or the second one was a "filler" book but it's slightly better. On Goodreads I gave all three books two stars for it's ok even though some parts were really dreadful and I couldn't wait to finish it. There are many phrases in the book that repeat all the time and after hundred pages or so it becomes really annoying, if I read "inner goddess" , "carnal anything" or "holy shit" I will kill the writer of the book. This is a classic boy meets girl and they live happily ever after story, just with the additional try to make the story interesting with "kinky fuckery" as the main character calls it in the book. This aspect of the book is so highly unbelievable that I didn't know whether to laugh or or wish to punch the characters. Both of them are always willing and ready and everything always go smoothly and (very) quickly. First sexual experience for twenty something old virgin Anastasia is so poorly and idiotically written that I wished to end the book there, let alone believe that she was willing to get involved in a BDSM relationship. Outside of the sex part I found it hard to believe that the writer could keep these two characters together for any reason because she is always afraid of him and he is always possessive and wants to keep her in a cage for his amusement and all that under the excuse of "keeping her safe". There are some parts of the book that are interesting and that back story is what kept me reading the book but I won't spoil it for you if you wish to read it, I think that there are many good books to spend your time on so unless you are very bored and have nothing else to read I would recommend you to skip it.